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August 20, 2021
laptop repair services in Chandigarh
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February 14, 2023
Computer Repair and Service in Chandigarh

A computer virus is a malware (malicious software) that is designed in a way where it can make copies of itself (self-replicate) on any drive connected to the computer at a remarkable speed. Computer viruses are called so because they are like real viruses, self-replicate and infect the system, slowing down its performance and can also completely stops it from working.

Computer Repair and Service in Chandigarh reveals that there are three main ways through which computers can be infected.

The first way through which your computer might become infected includes removable media like a USB stick, disk, pen drives, etc which can be infected by the virus itself.

Removable media from an unknown source can infect your computer and files and give access to the person who corrupted the same.

Another way is to get the virus through download from an unknown source through the internet. So avoid downloading through a pop-up or website you do not know.

The third way for a computer to become infected is if you get an attachment or click a link in spam mail from unknown sources. These are developed by hackers and can disclose your personal information to them. So Computer Repair and Service in Chandigarh recommends avoiding opening any link or attachment from an unknown sender.


Viruses are usually and without anti-virus, which makes it impossible to know that you have one in your system. This makes the anti-virus important to install for the protection of your devices:

STEP-1: Download and install Virus Scanner

Download a virus scanner or a complete internet security solution, it can help in detecting the virus in your system and in websites you go through on daily basis.

STEP-2: Disconnect From Internet

While removing the virus from the system, it is good to disconnect from the internet first to prevent further damages as some viruses use the internet to spread.

STEP-3: Reboot the computer into safe mode

Reboot the computer in safe mode to protect the computer while you remove the virus. Here is how:

Turn the computer off and on again

When the screen lights, press F8 to bring “Advanced boot option”

Choose “safe mode with networking”

Remain disconnected from the internet

STEP-4: Delete any temporary files

Delete all the temporary files from the system. Here is how the Computer Repair and Service in Chandigarh recommends doing this:

Choose the windows logo on the right bottom

Type “temporary files”

Choose “free up disk space by deleting unnecessary files”

Confirm “delete files”

STEP-5: Run a virus scan

Run a virus scan using the anti-virus you have chosen for your system or internet security software is also a good option.

STEP-6: Delete or quarantine the virus

If a virus is found, it can be affecting multiple files during the time. Select “delete” or “quarantine” to remove the files and get rid of the virus. Computer Repair and Service in Chandigarh recommends re-scanning of the computer for further threats and if found then again delete or quarantine it.

STEP-7: Reboot your computer

Now the virus is being removed, it’s time to reboot the computer just simply turn it on as you normally do. Safe mode is no longer needed.

STEP-8: Change all the passwords

For the protection of the computer from further losses, change all passwords in case they got leaked. This is necessary if you believe your passwords have been captured by malware.

STEP-9: Update software, browser, and operating system

Update the software, browser, and operating system is necessary to reduce the risk of flaws in the code being infected.These steps can help in searching, scanning, and getting rid of the malware but it is still recommended to opt for Computer Repair and Service in Chandigarh in case the matter is serious.

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